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Keep Parking Lots Clear By Professional Snow Removal in Calgary


Snow storms are the norm here in Calgary. Keeping your parking lot clear is a necessity for businesses of all sorts. Having an employee do the work means pulling that person from normal duties. Plus, you would need to invest in proper equipment and training to keep your customers and employees safe.

The better solution is to bring in a company that specializes in snow removal. Calgary businesses have the equipment and personnel to complete the job quickly and effectively. They know how to get the snow gone with minimal interruption to your business.

What should you expect from a snow removal company in Calgary?

€ Experienced crews with the right equipment – Many companies do not have the ability to perform snow removal properly. You should expect a snow removal company to have all the equipment necessary to handle your sneeds – from brooms to brushes to snowplows. Crews should have plenty of experience using the equipment, and the company should carry liability insurance to protect the property, their equipment and their crews.

€ Expertise in removing snow without causing damage – Before the first snow fall, a snow removal company should mark out any barriers or obstacles to watch for while clearing. They should start moving the plow before lowering the blade to prevent scrapes in the pavement and use caution around curbs.

€ Professional results – A snow removal company should consult with the client on where to pile snow before plowing begins. The piles should not block drains, roads, or ingress/egress points. The company should try to push piles as far back as possible to accommodate the results of the next storm. The company should avoid cars parked in the lot.

€ Keeping your neighbors happy – A snow removal company should never pile snow on a neighbor’s property or along the road. They should clear your sidewalks at the same time as your parking lot.

€ Doing the work during off-peak hours – While not always possible, a good company should try to complete the during times of least traffic. This can be during the night, in the early morning, or in the evening.

When you hire a non-professional to remove snow, you will see the results. Give you and your employees a break and have a professional company handle your needs.

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